the maddening forest

let's do the time warp!

the group met with the father to rescue their lost friend Drelin Hashalaq brother of Parmelk Hashalaq. the father received word he was trapped within the maddening woods. the party accepted the potion they received as payment and proceeded to the woods. but first passing Redgar as a bad omen. yelling something about the end of the world. yet they went on any way. they eventually got there and bleeding trees opened up allowing them entrance. once inside they saw strange creatures. suddenly elves with purple eyes appeared on mushroom trees behind a bog. they wearily passed… before being shot at, them sneak attacked by some bog beast near the bog’s edge. the warden swam and took his foes from under the cover of mud while the dwarf slaughtered the first and revealed a sword. he then destroyed it. slowly the others fell fighting to the the last one fell a tree opened up and a web covered body rolled out that appeared to be that of Drelin.



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