Korth Ballendor

Kalashtar Cleric of Morrow


Bold and contemplative, this black haired, green eyed and dark blue chainmailed Kalashtar walks with grace and a quiet contemplative manner. He is calm, collected and well kept.


From my birth in the monastery of Morrow, I’ve been taught that many in our world operate through violence. The world is filled with heroes and villains, fighters and monsters, paladins and thieves. All turn to violence in their approach to shape the world in their image. I have chosen to put down the sword. I do not kill.

My sect is deep undergound in the ruins of Fane. There, in the middle of destruction, we practice the healing arts. We are taught rituals to restore life and we know that all is connected. The end of any life, be it one filled with love and joy or one of anger and hate, before its time is a travesty and an insult to nature. The only true things that deserve death are those which have risen from the grave. To send them to peace is the way of nature and of Morrow’s justice. When we were not practicing our art, we were out in Fane, finding the restless dead, and laying them to rest once again.

During my training, I read stories of heroes of old, defending the innocent and protecting the weak. Slaying beasts. While I cannot take this course of action myself, I do support those who carry out Morrow’s will in a different way. Those who end the lives of those who would end the lives of others. While violence is there way, their hearts are just. I vowed to do all I could to keep these people alive and to try and show them the real light of Morrow.

A hero, Brother Marcus, is my new charge. He’s filled with sorrow of the past – compelling him to destroy the enemies of Morrow. I hope to open his heart further and show him Morrow’s true light. He will be healed by Morrow’s power. For now, I follow this burdened Brother, a man of strength, a man of faith, and he may not yet know it – but a man of hope.

Korth Ballendor

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