Tallara Slate

Nimble Female, Elf, Bounty Hunter


I awakened face down in the desert sands, my mind a jumbled mess, clothing in tatters, my shadow armor and weapons crumbling beneath my touch… How shocked was I to learn that that the salt flats and scrub plains, where I rose, were the ruins of Kalidnay. My fleeting memories of Kalidnay are of the immense springs that bubbled forth to provide an oasis of agriculture and civilization. My King Kalid-Ma, the god of the sun, must have cursed the land was my first thought. Since then, I have learned that it has been over three centuries since the destruction of Kalidnay.

This body that I have is but a shell of my former glory. Gone is my golden skin and emerald eyes they have been replaced by ashen skin and blood red eyes. My nails have become grotesquely beautiful claws. My many skills and Hexes lost in the fog of memories that are mine. Even my name is lost… Despite these weaknesses my Warlock’s pact with Kalid-Ma still holds firm.

Like the sun, Kalid-Ma gave life and took it away. In taking away life, I was one of his most trusted and able servants. Even though my former life and glory is gone, I will cherish this new life as a gift from Kalid-Ma. Beneath the blazing and ever watching eye of Kalid-Ma, I wandered the wastelands and worked to hone my skills.

Here in this dessert, Kalid-Ma’s great palace still remains and has yet to be plundered. Those fools that have attempted to defile it have never emerged again. My pitiful grasp of the Shadowfell’s magic doesn’t allow me to penetrate the traps and perils that protect the palace. Perhaps some key to unlock my former self lies within Kalid-Ma’s palace. Too many scorched bones and widow’s tales abound for me to risk this new life against the palace’s guardians until I am much stronger.

From the wastelands of Kalidnay, a few patched together memories lead me to the Ivory Coast. I discovered that the tales of the fall of Kalidnay are as numerous as the sands of the dessert. Some tales say that Kalid-Ma sacrificed his citizens in a terrible defiling rite. Other stories claim that Thanok-An slew her husband in a bid to steal his powers and lost control of the dreadful magic she had gained. While others say that the other sorcerer-kings destroyed Kalid-Ma for his arrogance.

In desperate need of coins and redevelopment of my skills, I turned to what I recalled best. Hunting slaves and other criminals for bounty proved to be a worthy means to hone this body. I plied my trade from the foothills of the Ringing Mountains to the Great Ivory Plain, to the Lost Oasis and to the Dragon’s Bowl. The vast territory of sand, stone, and scrub plains of the Tablelands become my domain.

With a few bounties completed, I now have adequate starting equipment to begin my quest to rise to my former glory. The city states are the key to power so from the wastelands to the crowded walled cities I venture. As a servant of Kalid-Ma, I have no trust in the Templars of other sorcerer-kings so I must keep my allegiance hidden from all. I never know who may betray me to curry favor or to avoid punishment. To this end, I shift from bounty hunter to travelling minstrel so I may discover what secrets the night and shadows may reveal…

Night time sharpens, heightens each sensation; Darkness stirs and wakes imagination; Silently the senses abandon their defenses; Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendor; Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender; Turn your face away from the garish light of day; Turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling light ;And listen to the music of the night…
- Music of the Night by Charles Hart

Tallara Slate

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