Book of Balance

I am Brother Marcus Drandal of the Church of Morow, and this is my journal…


Sitting here in my room at my tiny desk, I struggle to grasp the implications of this new wonder that has come into the world. These drawings and alchemy preparations are oh too complex for a street kid like me to fully put to use. Though the others described it as a BoomStick, I think that the Wrath of Morow would be a better name. This device, when properly put together and primed… barks with a peal of thunder, belches fire and lauches a metal ball farther than a crossbow bolt. This long range also comes with about double the damage of a cross bow bolt.

You may wonder how, I a lowly servant of Morrow would come to have such a find. The Mage Asmadeus summoned me and a motley crew of adventurers to his library. Pieter the halfling, Anka the Shadar Kai and Goblin(?) were the members of this group that Asmadeus brought together. This crew reminds me of the dangerous and shadowy people I use to lurk with in the shadows of KarN.

Asmadeus wanted us retreive from the NuJi MohaKe Elves plans for the BoomStick/Wrath of Morow. Supposedly, the NuJi MohaKe Elves took the plans from the Dwarves. Asmadeus thinks that somehow by stealing back the plans, he can somehow tip the balance of things back to center. Of course in my service to Morow has shown me that the scales should not be balanced but must be tipped for the good of all.

Terror in Tinkertown

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Book of Balance

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