GM3 - The Missing Girl3

Adventure Log

Players: Pieter – Human, Karr Doth– ½ Orc , Arianna – Human, Bjork – Minotaur and Arahz – Shardmind.

Pieter, Karr Doth and Ariana, while enjoying lunch at The White Isle Inn, receive word from a messenger boy that Herminus Varius would like them to join him for dinner. Pieter snubs the young messenger and retorts him for expecting a tip for doing the job that was expected of him. A trek through the market, down Olive Street, around the park filled with olive trees leads the adventurers to the home of Herminus Varius home. The old man opens the door and lets the party know that his master is expecting them. The old man pulls back a curtain to allow you access to another room and bids you to enter. You enter a brightly lit atrium. The vaulted atrium contains a sunken pool, works of art and several people at the far end just past the pool.

A middle aged Human, Herminius, with olive skin, dark brown hair reclines in a divan with a pair of scantily clad women are using large fans to stir the air. Viator [A Human male, in heavy armor] and Snow Flake [Female Dark Elf, in tight fitting leather armor] stand with drinking cups turn to look at the party. Bjork the Minotaur and Arazh the Shardmind are also present.

Pieter has a heated exchange with Snow Flakeas he returns the white stone ring (-2 to Will) that she gave him as a gift. “Honey, you don’t know what pleasures you are passing up…” is her only reply.

Over dinner, Herminius explains that he dear friend, Placilla’s father was killed the night before in a fire. The family’s villa was burned down and all of the household slaves killed. Placilla was not found but by calling in some favors Herminius was able to determine her where abouts. Herminius believes that foul play was involved with this friend’s death and that Placilla may have been involved. Though no reward was given, Herminius, convinces the party to follow the maps he provided through the swap and into the foothills to find Placilla and return her to the Legionnaires in Aleria.

While being led by Bjork and Karr Doth through the swap, the party is attacked by a Vine Horror. With relative ease the group dispatches the creature. Arahz discovers the remains of four dead humanoids within the roots and mud beneath the Vine horror. Within the remains Arahz discovers 20 Crossbow Bolts (+1 bonus to attack and damage rolls), iron ring, two suits of rusted chain mail, two suits rusted plate armor and 4 rusted long sword.

At the end of their twelve hour arduous trek the party discovers a town that has been reclaimed by nature. Crumbled vine covered walls are common in all of the buildings and the streets are blocked by shrubs and bushed. As the party searches the ruins they are attacked by two crossbow wielding humans. The party dispatches one of the humans and knocks the other unconscious. These guards have the familiar barbed wire wrapped around their forearms. Arianna successfully intimidates the guard into revealing that he knows of Placilla and that she is here within the city. The guard warns the party that Lilith would exact vengeance upon them for their actions. From the guards the party obtains a few coins, two suits of scale armor, 2 crossbows, 15 crossbow bolts, 10 days of trail rations, and a barrel of water.

While questioning the guard, Arahz catches a glimpse of someone watching the group. After a hearing Arahz’s quickly shouted warning Karr Doth, Pieter and Bjork rush to investigate. Shortly thereafter Arahz is attacked from behind by a small winged devilish creature with a barbed tail. Under Pieter’s guidance the group captures the winged creature and carries it along.

As the party continues their exploration of the town they discover a large building that is under repair. Two heavily armored men exit the building and call to the party to leave. As the party banters with the two guards, a heavily robed man with a closed helm steps forth and demands on pain of death that the party leaves. Karr Doth recognizes the man as the arcanist that attacked them with lightening and balls of fire on two other occasions. With a rage filled cry Karr Doth rushes into battle.

The fight spills into the building where the party battles 5 guides, a flying spine covered creature the fires a hail of flaming poisonous spines, the arcanist and Placilla. As the guards and spine creature are defeated the Arcanist and Placilla flee into the lower level of the building. Bjork, Karr Doth and Pieter chase them down the stairs and manage to dispatch the arcanist and capture Placilla. Meanwhile, Arahz and Arianna finish off the guards and the flying spined creature.

Once Placilla’s entourage has been dispatched and the party binds up Placilla and searches through the building. Within a store room the party finds lots of mundane items (rope, backpacks, picks, shovels, equipment, water, trail rations, 10 x manacles). Several cells filled with naked, drugged captives.

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GM3 - The Missing Girl3

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