is a persistent world, ran at Raven’s Nest games and comics. it is persistent because on multiple nights of the week a game is ran(i am the only DM now but once we get more people interested more will come) in the same world. it’s free to play. but it’s not free to keep The Raven’s Nest open so feel free to buy snacks, drinks, or D&D books. Support your local gaming store.

All you do is sign up with obsidian portal and join the party. after that create your fist character, message me or send me an email at your characters name, race, class. right now you can have 2 characters. later you will be able to have more. then, fill out a note card (which you’ll get when you show up for your first game)with your character name, your name, defenses, alignment chart, and what not then hand it to your DM. your character sheet will stay at Raven’s in a folder.

surprisingly it’s free to DM too. to run all you need to do is email me, message me, or text me a summary of you dungeon and what might happen. then post your game on the forums preferably in the following format. after you game you can post any NPCs, places, guilds, or special items from the adventure. after your first game ran i’ll make you a co-dm and after your second running i’ll give the password to the StoneWynd, and D&D insider account to come up with dungeons, use the pre-mades, the compendium and what not.

the guild of heros(adventures guild being the usual means of an adventure starting) calls for willing adventurers to partake in guarding a funeral procession in the town of salem.(just a brief synopsis)

when-tuesday the 5th of feb-02/05/2010 at 6:00pm

where-the Raven’s Nest table in the back


reward-136 gold pieces for each person involved

restrictions-non human like races like githzaria should not take part in this adventure as the town of salem is very prejudice.

then anything else that might be relavent

is this a one shot or part 2 of another game(if it is players from the first game have priority) then players will sign up for the game. DMs have the final say on who gets to play usually a first come first serve basis, preferably like


name-Kal Jarin Fal



why-a student of the university of Meer Nal, majoring in benenecromancy and minoring in psychology i think i could get some in the field study and handle the concerns of the mourning as well.

and anything you think the dm should know-i have a tattoo of Syra on my left arm.

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