This D&D 4th Edition game is part of the custom STONEWYND world. It is set in the Kingdom of Hertonia and GM’d by Toni Stauffer or a substitute GM. At this time, the game is full at six players: Aaron, Sarah, Jeremy, Antonio, Tim, and Robert. If anyone on this list has decided to drop out of this game, please let Toni know that your slot can be opened for someone else. If we keep getting more players, we will bring in a third GM for a third table. Our first game, Game 1 was Thursday, June 23, 2010. You can check the Stonewynd Game 2 Adventure Log or more details. A list of adventures that have been run are listed at the bottom of this page.

Those wanting to play in this game should contact Toni at either the Meetup site, or through her e-mail: This game will be a combination of role-play and combat. Meta-gaming is strongly discouraged. Follow this link for character creation. Once you have been approved for play, Toni will send you a background questionnaire for you to answer and send back to her. This game will be capped at six players. The cost is $1.00 per person to pay for the table, unless you purchase a book or dice. Check the Meetup site for any discounts Raven’s Nest may be running. Players already in Mike’s game are pre-approved for Toni’s game and vice-versa: first come, first serve.

Adventures Run:

1) Murder in the Green Marshes by Toni Stauffer, Levels 1-5 (completed) The leader of Bogwater, a small village near The Green Marshes has been accused of murdering the chieftan of the reclusive Bullywug tribe called the Baka. The heroes had to investigate, find the truth, and prevent war. See Game 1.

2) Terror in Tinkerton by Toni Stauffer, Levels 1-5 (completed) The adventurers receive word that the town of Tinkerton has been attacked by undead. They go secure the town. See Game 2.

3) Hoarders of the Hills by Toni Stauffer, Levels 1-5 (completed) Our heroes received word that kobolds were attacking travelers on the east road from Tinkerton. They found kobold lair and put an end to the attacks. See Game 3.

Check game logs for other adventures run.


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