is a persistent world, ran at Gigabytes cafe’. it is persistent because on multiple nights of the week a game is ran(i am the only DM now but once we get more people interested more will come) in the same world. feel free to buy snacks, drinks, or D&D books. Support your local gaming store.

All you do is sign up with obsidian portal and join the party. after that create your fist character, message me or send me an email at your characters name, race, class. right now you can have 2 characters. later you will be able to have more. then, fill out a note card (which you’ll get when you show up for your first game)with your character name, your name, defenses, alignment chart, and what not then hand it to your DM. your character sheet will stay at Raven’s in a folder.

surprisingly it’s free to DM. to run all you need to do is email me, message me, or text me a summary of you dungeon and what might happen. then i’ll post your game on the meet up and you can change it and and what you gale will intail. after you game you can post any NPCs, places, guilds, or special items from the adventure( for other DMs to run if their adventure passes through a region they created etc…). after your first game ran i’ll make you a co-dm and after your second running i’ll give the password to the StoneWynd D&D insider account to come up with dungeons, use the pre-mades, the compendium and what not.