Adventure Summary for Game 2

Our heroes received word that the town of Tinkerton had been attacked by undead. Those from Bogwater all learned that Mirdreth and a mysterious hooded figure were seen going toward Tinkerton that day. They meet up at the crossroads where they meet many refugees fleeing Tinkerton. They interviewed them,and help tend to their wounds, assuring them that they would take care of the problem in town. The Dragonborn of the party decided to stab an innocent passerby out of sheer boredom. Unfortunately, for him, he was spotted by the Elf who informed everyone that a cold-blooded killer was in their midst. The party banded together and stripped the Dragonborn of his weapons and armor. They left him nearly naked and bound on the road.

What remained of the party entered Tinkerton and found obvious signs of battle. The temple of Avandra had been left a smoking husk. They decided to make the inn their base of operations after killing an undead minion in one of the upstairs rooms. They fortified the entrances and windows. No sooner that they had it fortified when a young boy came knocking. They managed to bring him inside. During first watch, the Elf heard a woman screaming from outside. He could see she was being attacked by undead. Meanwhile, the Dragonborn had received assistance from a passerby and had made his way into town. After throwing a sunrod into a dark building, he hid in a nearby alley. When he sees the undead, he made his way closer to them.

The ranger tied off a rope and climbed down while the artificer tied a rope from a window in another room. The cleric (Antonio) made his way downstairs and readied his bow. The Elf took shots from the first window while his bear protected the child. The Deva made his way out.

The ranger heroically saved the woman’s life while the dragonborn and the Deva helped cover him. They managed to defeat the four decaying skeleton minions and the three skeleton archers. The skeleton trooper elite retreated and disappeared. The party, except the Dragonborn who had been exiled despite his help, gathered in the common room of the inn. It was then that the wizard became possessed by the spirit of Mirdreth who told them he had been murdered by ‘father,’ because he wasn’t good enough. He wanted them to tell his brother Selvan that he was sorry. He also revealed some of ‘fathers’ plans. They learned that perhaps a cult of Orcus was responsible for the attack. They found Mirdreth’s body in a mausoleum and a note that had been shoved in his mouth. The note taunted them and remained unsigned. Could it have been the mysterious Dark Man?

The artificer gathered Mirdreth’s items to return them to Selvan. Now there is the matter of what to do with the orphaned young boy. And is the town really safe now?

Adventure Summary for Game 2

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