Roman and Greek Pantheon

Egyptian Pantheon

Power, Wealth and Luxury Seekers Lilith

dragonborn worship the Dragon Mother

dwarves worship the Great Fathers

eladrin worship Elara

elves worship syra

half-elves worship Syra, Morow or Malor

halfling worship Morow or Malor

humans worship Morow or Malor

tiefling worship Morow or Malor

devas worship Morow

gnomes worship Legnomyr

goliaths worship the Great Fathers or Gaea

half-orcs worship Gaea, Morow, or Malor

shifters worship Gaea

githzaria worship Ithranol

minotaurs worship Gaea

shardminds worship Theser FyI

wilden worship Gaea

changlings worship self or who ever they are impersonating

kalishtar worship The Shared Mind

warforged worship self or what ever deity they desire

keep in mind it has been known that some have followed other gods due to an odd upbringing or being fostered to parents not of their race.

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