GM3 - The Missing Girl

Adventure Summary

The adventure takes place in the “Roman” city of Aleria, on the isle of Corsica. The Isle of Corsica is off the coast of Italy. Aleria, is a typical “Roman” city with a governor, legionnaires, citizens, and slaves.

The party is hired by Herminius Varius a local Finder to assist with the tracking down of the daughter of a prominent merchant. In recent months, the daughter has been spending time with an unsavory poet, actor and philosopher, Romano Milan. The daughter, Placillia, did not return home three nights ago and the father assumes that she has run off with Romano. A reward is offered for:

  1. Details on Placilla’s whereabouts
  2. Placilla’s safe return
  3. Ensuring that the poet, Romano, no longer pursues Placilla

The father wants this handled with the utmost discretion since he doesn’t want his daughter’s name to be sullied. The amount of the reward will be based on how many of these objectives the party fulfills.

Herminius can equip the party with any mundane equipment they need, at standard pricing. Herminius Varius will have also obtained the assistance of another team of adventurers to help find Placillia. The party will be racing to discover the girl before the competition does.

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Adventure Log

Characters: Lindal, Pieter, Akela and Karr Doth.

The party of adventurers spoke with Uther IronHelm to determine if he knew of anyone that had a need of their services. While Uther had no immediate need, he suggest that the party take passage on a ship to the Isle of Corsica. One of Uther’s age old friend’s lives on Corsica and could certainly help the party with their desire to increase their wealth and fame and to increase their skills.

Ship Ride to Corsica

Introduction to the Legionnaires

A New Patron

The Theatre

Into the Marshes

Beneath the Marshes

GM3 - The Missing Girl

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