Deep into the bowels of time the dragons ruled the lands of StoneWynd. later the demons waged war on the devils. Only with the help of the Devas and the creation of the war forged, were the people of StoneWynd able to banish them back to the Abyss. The elves, being the first to cultivate a kingdom nested in Ir Jael Nes. Next it’s believed the dwarves settled in Mworig which was ground 0 for the invasion of The Devils of Nii into the world.

the humans formed 5 distinct countries.

after the threat from the abyss was gone each one went to war with the other to claim more of the land that was rightfully theirs. a man thus emerged who became king of what he called KaliMnar, by combining the 5 nations. that man was king Jheric

There was a time when a great king Lord Jharic lV ruled the kingdom of KaliMnar, but like all good things it did not last long. With his death at the end of the War of the Prophesy, his 5 sons began fighting for his throne the second his passing was known. Each son though claimed his own territory and then began waging war on the nearest to rightfully take what was theirs.

NeLand all of a sudden marched an army of warforged into Ollon then walked right into Jherica which then allied with Syrinar. NeLand appealed to Ollon’s strong religous values praising morow, biulding their churches in NeLand, so they would grant them their warforged schematics. Fane taking the side of the the Divided Powers, went to war with the Spire Power. then the first and last longest war happened bringing death and blood shed to every ones door.

the nations of man signed the ThroneHold Treaty to end war forever. at the island of ThroneHold.

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